an Enterprise Product

This was a large project to design the UX for Stratfor's new product, Geopolitical Risk Monitoring (GRM), visualize its methodology and case studies, and launch within a short space of time. My role was the lead designer in a cross-functional team made up of members from Product, Engineering, Analysts and Creative.

It was clear from the beginning that there would be several key design challenges:

#1 How to integrate the new product with the existing stack that has both consumer and enterprise elements

#2 Negotiating what information is useful for the user vs. what is required internally

#3 How to make 6 x 6,000 word spreadsheets accessible to users by visualizing qualitative concepts

#1 Integrating the new product

Originally the Enterprise experience was an add-on to the Worldview Publication, but the new product (GRM) meant that we needed to reconceptualize the entire Enterprise user journey.

A new page — 'My Enterprise Dashboard', a customizable and brief overview of the three primary products — was designed to become the new homepage for Enterprise consumers.

From the 'My Enterprise Dashboard', the user would be able to enter the GRM-specific portal that contained their customized updates, forecasts and related reading.

#2 / #3 Deciding what information the user needs and visualizing it

The new product was based on the analysts' spreadsheets that they are required to keep up to date for forecasts. These spreadsheets were thousands of words long and contained a massive amount of information that enables the analysts to do their jobs. These spreadsheets were so overwhelming that it was clear that we would have to be strict about what information the user needs, and creative with how to display it.

This was a complicated process but one that demonstrated the power of cross-functional teams. The following example is the journey of indicators, one of the key components that will enable the user to forecast.

Dashboard Mockups

The first mockups focused on the importance of customization for individual Enterprise user's interests, being able to get a quick and brief overview of current forecasts, and visually differentiating it from the consumer product by switching to a dark UI.

Forecast Page Mockups

As we gained more feedback from stakeholders the visual design switched to be more inline with the existing product, and the scenario indicators section was added.

Challenges, Launch and the Product Roadmap

We successfully launched the MVP on time and have done several releases since.

Due to its conceptual and qualitative nature, it was a true challenge to distill all of the information and design a compelling product that would add value for users.

Strict time and resource constraints meant that the process was not always ideal but we were able to quickly assess the constraints and plan for a MVP launch that would be able to act as a solid but flexible foundation moving forward.

We are in the process of getting initial feedback from early adopters and usability tests. This is inform the precise product roadmap.