I Heart Arabic — App

Finding the joy in language learning

The Problem

Learning Arabic is tough. I wanted to create an app that would make learning Arabic inspiring, and challenge the negative assumptions made about the Middle East.

My Role

This is a passion project. Whenever I have spare time I'll work on it, I've done everything from the branding to the user research, creating the grammar descriptions to the UX design.


The overwhelming result from interviews with other Arabic students was that they relied on books. Most resources online were simplistic or uninspiring. Even the good ones had no way to record progress, requiring the student to keep their notes on paper.

The Solution

Create a product to show a positive side of the Arab world and provide inspiration for the learner, through:
• Joyful user interactions
• Beautiful photography
• A logical system for learning
• Keep track of the user’s progress and provide feedback

Screenshots from the first section

The Solution

There is a huge gap in the market for Arabic language resources and I’m currently looking for a developer to help launch this first product.